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ZeoFeed Benefits for Pigs

ZeoFeed Benefits for Pigs

Benefits for pigs production

ZeoFeed is a 100% natural zeolite mineral feed additive used in pig production that facilitates better feed conversion and reduces animal nutrition costs by increasing feed efficiency. ZeoFeed also supports the animal´s digestive tract and immune system. 

Contribution of ZeoFeed to Gastrointestinal Health Benefits

  • Increases the efficiency of nutrient digestibility. Cost - effective as a naturally organic alternative to artificial production enhancers in pigs
  • Facilitates slower passage of food through the healthy villi growth thus increasing surface area and increasing overall nutrient absorption and utilization
  • Supports the immunity of newborn piglets with increased serum IGF-1 and insulin levels

Economical Benefits in Pig Production

  • Reduces marketing age
  • Increases average daily gain
  • contributes in improving the feed conversion ratio
  • Overall improvement in the carcass quality and yield thereby offsetting and decreasing production costs.
  • Increases in production have no detrimental effects on meat quality such as water holding capacity, pH or meat color

Improved Pig and Environmental Welfare

  • Reduces Ammonia accumulation in the gut and relieves discomfort thereby improving animal welfare and performance
  • Reduces the manure nitrogen losses that contributes to greater plant fertilizer value and soil amendment
  • Reduces ammonia emissions, malodor and wetness of excrement therefore decreasing parasites and insect reproduction

* If you are interested in further information, we will provide you with individual advice and consultations on the results of over 20 years of experience in world market with clinoptilolite in animal nutrition.

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ZeoFeed® is approved by the FDA and GRAS classified for use as an anti-caking agent in diets for cattle, swine, goats, sheep, poultry, cats and dogs for the US market. 
ZeoFeed® is AAFCO approved and its entire production process takes place according to ISO and FAMI-QS standards.