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Animal Feed Additive

ZeoFeed is 100 % natural product intended for farm animals and pets. Consists of natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite - mineral with unique inner structure and high ion exchange selectivity

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Why to choose ZeoFeed

ZeoFeed ensures efficacy in animal nutrition, efficient use of feed energy, improves feed conversion, reduces ammonia concentration in the gastrointestinal tract and its use results in drier and less odoriferous manure with a higher nitrogen content.

Product licence and FDA approval

ZeoFeed is approved by the FDA for use as a anti-caking agent in feed stuff and is GRAS classified. The entire production process takes place according to ISO and FAMIQS standards. Zeocem has product registration to sell in state Georgia and New York. We are currently preparing product registrations/ licenses for sell to other states. Contact our sales representatives for the current status. 

Product properties

Efficacy in animal nutrition

  • efficient use of feed energy
  • buffering effect to stabilize the pH of the digestive tract
  • significantly reduces ammonia concentration in the animal digestive tract, traps any occurring heavy metal ions, bioamines, mycotoxins and metabolites
  • reduces odor and wetness of excrements
  • contributes to animal welfare in the stalls

Efficacy in animal feed production and application

  • ensures dry and loose feed during storage and transportation
  • anti-caking effect facilitates free-flowing feed without clumps during entire application process
  • chemically stable and inert to all important feed nutrients

Animal feed additive application

Direct incorporation into the complete feed mixture

ZeoFeed is added for better consistency and homogenously blended feed. It protects stored compound feed against humidity and inhibits mold growth. Due to its anti-caking effect, ZeoFeed makes the feed free-flowing.

Production of premixes

ZeoFeed serves as an anticaking agent for animal feed premix production. ZeoFeed is chemically inert, safe to add and compatible to blend with other ingredients.

Overall benefit to all animals

  • reduce mold growth by keeping silos dry
  • binds toxins (mycotoxins) in silos
  • anticaking in feed processing and delivery
  • overall increases in production parameters as well as animal health
  • no caloric value, passes unabsorbed through intestinal tract
  • drying\binding effect of zeolite will facilitate the removal or use of animal faeces
  • reduction of moisture and unbound ammonia contributes to reduction in diseases and flies/parasites
  • reduction of environmental pollution (increase phosphate utilization)
  • classified as FDA approved feed additive and GRAS approved and is not a therapeutic

Active consultancy at the exhibition IPPE 2020 in Atlanta

Further detailed information about the effects, benefits and dosage would be answered at our exhibition booth at IPPE 2020 in Atlanta. You can find us in hall A - 221, opposite the AFIA exhibition venue.

IPPE exhibition

Recommended fractions

270 mesh (M50), 70 mesh (M200), 35 x 70 mesh (0.2 – 0.5 mm), 18 x 35 mesh (0.5 – 1 mm), 7 x 18 mesh (1 – 2.5 mm)

Available Pack Sizes

paper bags | 1 MT big bag | bulk delivery 

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Sales Contact & Support

Frederick Albertyn
Area Sales Manager

Phone: +1 404 226 2545


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